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Sunrise over the Ocean City beach

What a wonderful place to be - Ocean City, Maryland! Ten miles of clean white sand capturing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, a three-mile boardwalk, fun, food, entertainment and good times for all. No wonder OCMD is known as America's Favorite Family Resort.

Aerial picture of Ocean City
Ocean City (on Fenwick Island), looking north from the OC Inlet toward Delaware, 10 miles away.

So, what's better than vacationing in Ocean City? Why, living here, of course! This is certainly a good time to invest in a second home at the beach - or to own your own vacation condo for that perfect get-a-way - whenever you want.


Seasonal Market Update
contributed by Terri Moran, REALTOR®, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


In years past, buyers thought real estate agents worked for them when, in fact, the agent worked for the seller who paid the brokerage fee. Because of this confusion, Buyer Agency, Seller Agency and Disclosed Dual Agency came into effect. At the first initial appointment, a REALTOR® must present to the prospective buyer an Agency Disclosure form for their review. This form from the Real Estate Commission in Maryland, "Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent" explains Buyer, Seller and Disclosed Dual Agency.

Rest assured, these days with proper disclosures, your best interests are being represented by your REALTOR®. To explain further, the disclosure states...

"A Seller's Agent works for the real estate company that lists and markets the property for the sellers and exclusively represents the sellers. That means that the Seller's Agent may assist the buyer in purchasing the property, but his or her duty of loyalty is only to the sellers."

The Maryland Code of Ethics assures that the agent must be fair and honest in all dealings with clients and customers. Terri Moran

"Buyer's Agent: A buyer may enter into a written contract with a real estate agent which provides that the agent will represent the buyer in locating a property to buy. The agent is then known as the buyer's agent. That agent assists the buyer in evaluating properties and preparing offers, and negotiates in the best interests of the buyer. If you as a buyer wish to have an agent represent you, you must enter into a written buyer agency agreement before a contract offer can be prepared."

I am sure your head is spinning, as mine was, when this form first came into my hands. That is why I took the Accredited Buyer's Agency Course to help me not only understand but to be effective in explaining it to prospective buyers. If you would like more detailed information on buyer and seller agency relationships, contact me through my email at tmoran@cbmove.com. Be on the lookout for the next article which will deal with Disclosed Dual Agency. (Visit Terri Moran online to learn more.)

Real Estate on our ten-mile-long island can be intimidating. This site is designed to help our readers "find their way around" the Ocean City, Maryland, real estate market. Looking through the local newspapers will introduce you to many, many individual real estate agents and expose you to hundreds of properties for sale. Driving along Coastal Highway will expose you to dozens of Real Estate offices. You will see countless condominium buildings - both large and small - containing anywhere from hundreds of condominium units to as few as four.

There are 20,000 condo units, many homes, townhouses and commercial properties in the OC beach area; and over 700 agents to help you rent, buy or sell. Where do you begin? Right here, of course. We'll try to help you learn how to shop in the Ocean City, Maryland, market area. You DO want an agent who will work hard for you. We'll try to provide some tips to help you separate the workers from the slackers.

Location-Location-Location - "Just what are these location descriptions I keep hearing about, OceanFront, Bayside, Ocean Block, View, Water, etc?" (Click here for an explanation.)

We have begun populating our directory pages with vacation rental offices, sales offices and individual Realtors® that are members of the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce. (However, we have not included the entire list.) Other agents and/or agencies/offices are welcome to be included - there is no charge. There is a contact page provided to allow you to comment about this site or to ask a question. OceanCityRealEstate.com is a part of the OCtheBeach.com network of Ocean City Websites, visited by hundreds of thousands of internet visitors each year.

Beach, Boards, Kites and SeagullsVisit our Condo Buildings Pages. This section is being "built" with photographs and information for dozens of popular condominiums throughout the resort area.

If you need a place to stay while you are in town browsing properties, be sure to check out the selection and pricing of hotel rooms at Booking.com.

Advertising? You won't find glitzy banner ads or pop-ups cluttering up our pages. But we do need some revenue to help pay the bills. Therefore, we have chosen to use in-line contextual ads provided by a variety of sources, such as Google® and Bing®. We do not choose the ads that are shown. We do not directly accept advertising from any local office or agent. Therefore you can be assured we are not promoting "favorites" because of advertising dollars. And, for a little fun on the beach, try flying a kite.

February 18, 2018

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