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Sunrise over the Ocean City beach

Ocean City Real Estate by Location

The popularity of real estate in Ocean City, Maryland, depends, as it does in every real estate market, on location--location--location. The actual placement of a building drives the public's interest, the pricing and the rental rates. In OC, you will generally find properties in one of four locations: OceanFront, Ocean Block, Bayside on Water, and Bayside Block.

Ocean City Condos along the Boardwalk
A mixture of OceanFront and Ocean View Condos are along the Boardwalk in Ocean City.

Ocean City Maryland Real Estate

After speaking with several Ocean City realtors and property owners, your webmaster has come up with several descriptions for what is thought to constitute property "locations" in OC. The following four "conventions" in describing the variety of condominium buildings and condo units available for vacation rentals and/or sales in the Ocean City resort area. (In a more "casual" manner, these may also apply apartment rentals and hotels.)

OceanFront (also: Ocean Front, BeachFront, Beach Front)

An oceanfront building is a building that has an unobstructed direct ocean view. For a unit to be considered direct oceanfront it has to share the same view as the building, unobstructed direct ocean view. If your unit is in an oceanfront building and the unit has any other type of ocean view, other than a direct view, the unit is normally referred to as an ocean view unit.

Sometimes when reading about a property, ocean view units are misinterpreted as direct oceanfront properties when in fact they are not, they are ocean view units. In Ocean City there are many oceanfront buildings with oceanfront units but the vast majority of the units in the high rise and some other smaller buildings are actually ocean view units--units located on the side of the oceanfront building. With a few exceptions, to enjoy the ocean view from these ocean view units you actually have to go out to the balcony and look to the left or the right. In high rise buildings ocean view units normally provide a good side view of the ocean. However some of the views can be narrow depending on how close the next building is located to the ocean view side of the building. In Ocean City the high rise buildings may provide the best [overall] ocean view units because of the building height.

9400 Building -OceanFront and Ocean View Condos
Example: this building is perpendicular to the beach, so only the east two units on each floor are OceanFRONT. All other condos are on the building sides, making them Ocean VIEW.
Oceanfront properties of course are the most expensive units in an oceanfront building. The ocean view units are normally priced by the actual ocean view they have in comparison to the other ocean view units in the building. For example, usually an ocean view unit which is located one unit back from oceanfront provides a better ocean view than a unit which is nine units back from the oceanfront. Therefore the unit one back from oceanfront will be noticeably more expensive than the unit located nine units back from oceanfront. Of course the unit floor, condition, furnishings, updates and other things do play into the property worth as well as the ocean view. But overall in Ocean City the closer you are to water (ocean or bay) and the better the water view the more the property will cost as a vacation rental or to buy.

Ocean Block (also: OceanBlock, Ocean Side, OceanSide)

In Ocean City Maryland ocean side properties are said to be located ocean block when they are not located in an oceanfront building. There are exceptions of course. Ocean block properties sometimes have a very good ocean view but since the unit is not located in an oceanfront building the properties are considered ocean block properties. Some of Ocean City’s ocean block properties are less than 100 feet from the beach entrance and have a terrific ocean view but they are still ocean block properties.

Ocean City Maryland’s ocean block properties usually cost less to rent or purchase than oceanfront and ocean view properties. You can find an ocean block unit that is very close to the beach and provides a fantastic ocean view but costs less than an ocean view unit located in an oceanfront building. Ocean City Maryland has a huge variety of ocean block units in a wide price range. Ocean City Maryland is now experiencing a growth in new construction. New construction ocean block properties are located throughout the city from Old Town to near the Delaware border. Please remember the closer the property is to the ocean and the better the ocean view, the more expensive the property will usually be when compared to other like non ocean view properties.

Bayside on Water (also: BayFront, Bay Front, Bayside Canal)

In Ocean City there are basically four types of water front properties on the bay side: direct bay front, canal front, bay view and water (canal or lagoon) view. The sales price or rental value of a bay side water property depends of course on the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, unit size, condition, furniture, what floor, and [most importantly] how close the unit actually is to the water, access and what type of water view the property has.

Bay front properties are those units that actually have a direct, unobstructed view of the bay. Bay view properties might have some view obstruction when looking at the bay water or the bay view might be from the side of the unit. Canal front units are properties that are in a canal front building normally with water access for water craft. Water view properties are properties that have some type of water view; bay, canal or lagoon.

In Ocean City on the bay side the direct bay front properties generally bring the highest selling prices when compared to other like bay side water properties. The selling price for water properties usually slides downward from the direct bay front view to bay view to canal front/access and then water view. There are exceptions as in any housing area. Like the oceanfront and view properties the water view and water access on the bay side usually are considered heavily when determining the selling price or vacation rental rates for a property.

Bayside Block (also: Bayside Interior, BayBlock, Bay Block)

In Ocean City Maryland bay side properties are said to be located bay block when they are not located on the water and/or usually do not have any type of water view. Although just like with any other type of real estate property group there are exceptions. Bay block properties sometimes have a peek at a body of water and are still considered to be a bay block property. If the water view is above a peek the property is usually considered to be a water view property.

In Ocean City Maryland we have a wide variety of bay block properties in all different price ranges. There is a nice selection of bay block properties in and around Old Town Ocean City which is now part of a city government revitalization program. Of course Old Town Ocean City provides Boardwalk access to the beach, shopping, restaurants and a variety of activities. If you would like a property in a slower, quieter area of Ocean City you might try Caine Woods in north Ocean City. Caine Woods is about as close to a normal suburban neighborhood as Ocean City proper has. Of course there are all types of bay block properties between Old Town Ocean City and Caine Woods. Ocean City Maryland has a property for everyone.

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June 17, 2019

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