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Sunrise over the Ocean City beach

Bayside Block Condos
Ocean City, MD

Pictures of bayside block
condominiums with
general information for
vacation rentals & sales

Rainbow Condominium
Ex: Rainbow, 112th Street, Oceanfront

Ocean City, Maryland, Bayside Block Condominiums - Also referred to as Bayside Interior, Bayblock and Bay Block Condos.

In Ocean City Maryland bay side properties are said to be located bay block when they are not located on the water and/or usually do not have any type of water view. Although just like with any other type of real estate property group there are exceptions. Bay block properties sometimes have a peek at a body of water and are still considered to be a bay block property. If the water view is above a peek the property is usually considered to be a water view property. (Continued...)

Bay Winds II Condominium, 511 Eagle Drive (off 28th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Breakwater Condominium, 1406 Chicago Ave (off 14th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Breezy Point Condominium, 506 Stark Lane (off 28th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Dory Condominium, 13800 Barge Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Fenwick Woods Condominium, 14306 Jarvis Avenue (off 143rd St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Hidden Harbor villa units Condominium, 123 Jamaica Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842
Jamaica Daybreak North Condominium, 203 33rd Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Lighthouse Village Condominium, 721 142nd Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Lorelei I Condominium, 103 125th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Lucayan Condominium, 1189 72nd Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Our Place At The Beach Condominium, 119 Old Landing Road (104th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Raffles Condominium, 127th St. and Jamaica Ave., Ocean City, MD 21842
Sandy Lanes Estates B Condominium, 510B Penguin Drive (off 28th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Sherwood 142 Condominium, 14301 Tunnel Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842
Stone Harbor Condominium, 901 Philadelphia Ave (off 9th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Summerwinds Condominium, Lark Lane and Eagle Drive (off 28th St), Ocean City, MD 21842
Tiburon Condominium, 13907 Sand Dunes Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Villa White Condominium, 404 Tunnel Ave (off 143rd St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Whispering Woods Condominium, 142nd St. & Tunnel Ave., Ocean City, MD 21842

Note Please: The following Ocean City Bayside Block Vacation Properties (condominium units, townhouses and single-family homes) are being added to our directory lists but detailed information, descriptions and photographs are incomplete. Click the Individual Property Names below for location and address information. (For location descriptions, CLICK HERE.)
A Fish Tale 700 139th Street - Single Family Home
Almost Home 219 Hitchens Avenue - Single Family Home
Bay 1 111 76th Street - Condominium
Bay 2 Beach 101 N. Philadelphia Ave. - Townhouse
Bayshore Beach Hse 400 Bayshore Drive - Single Family Home
Bayside Beach House 8806 Mediterranean Drive - Single Family Home
Baywatch I 110 Edward Taylor Rd - Condominium
Biscayne House 8700-a E Biscayne Drive - Townhouse
Blue Heron 303 N Heron Gull Court - Single Family Home
Captains Deck 123b Captain Quarters Rd - Townhouse
Club Ocean Villa 1 108 Edward Taylor Road - Condominium
Coconut Malorie 200 59th Street - Condominium
Colonial Road 13311 13311 Colonial Road - Single Family Home
Coral Seas 7601 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Corner Cottage 300 14th Street - Single Family Home
Donarum House 206 206 139th Street - Single Family Home
Fifth St House 209 Fifth Street - Single Family Home
Fishermans Village 13603 Sand Dune Rd - Townhouse
Flat Top 216 Trimper Avenue - Condominium
Green House 14108 Caine Stable Road - Single Family Home
Grier House 9313 Chesapeake Drive - Single Family Home
Gulfstream 811 811 Gulfstream - Single Family Home
Gullway Villa 411 Lark Lane - Townhouse
Harbour Club Bayside Block 201 South Heron Drive - Condominium
Harbour Sails III 161 Captain Quarters Rd - Townhouse
Heron Harbour Bayside Block 200 Edward Taylor Road - Condominium
Hershey House 400 142nd Street - Single Family Home
Hialeah Park 502 142nd St Bayside - Condominium
Hidden Harbour 12301 Jamaica Avenue - Condominium
Hope Apartments 801 B St. Louis Avenue - Townhouse
Island At Hidden Harbour Bayside Block 205 125th Street - Condominium
Jamaica Bay 33rd Street - Condominium
Jamaica I 12302 Jamaica Avenue - Condominium
Jamaica II 12300 Jamaica Avenue - Condominium
Jockey Beach 103 123rd Street - Condominium
Keepers Rest 208 139th Street - Single Family Home
Key West Villa 300 Robin Drive - Condominium
Lorelei 103 125th Street - Condominium
Loreli II 104 125th Street - Condominium
Lost Colony 411b 146th Street - Condominium
Mac Shane Park II 504 Penguin Drive - Townhouse
Makai 4201 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Marathon North 805 142nd Street - Condominium
Mariners Watch 2101 Philadelphia Ave - Condominium
Marlin Cove 106 Edward Taylor Road - Townhouse
Mckelvey House 715 141st Street - Single Family Home
Montego Bay Beach Pad 13203 Atlantic Blvd. - Single Family Home
Montego Home 516 Harbour Drive - Single Family Home
Nantucket Rd 13325 13325 Nantucket Road - Single Family Home
Natoli House 13606 Barge Road - Single Family Home
Oc Breeze 205 141st Street - Single Family Home
Orleans Court 14001 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Pacific Ave 602 602 S Pacific Avenue - Single Family Home
Palm Beach 12504 Assawoman Drive - Townhouse
Park Place 902 Edgewater Avenue - Condominium
Pruitt House 607 Philadelphia Avenue - Condominium
Pruitt House SF 607 Philadelphia Avenue - Single Family Home
Pruitt House Down 607 Philadelphia Avenue - Condominium
Pruitt House Down SF 607 Philadelphia Avenue - Single Family Home
Raffles 104 127th Street - Condominium
Raffles 304 104 127th Street - Condominium
Royal Palm 307a 13th Street - Townhouse
Runaway Bay Bayside Block 613 Penguin Drive - Townhouse
S Surf Road 508 508 South Surf Road - Single Family Home
Sailing House 13808 Sailing Road-139th - Single Family Home
San Remo Bayside Block 5401 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sandy Hill Dr 111 111 Sandy Hill Drive - Single Family Home
Sandy Hill Dr 406 406 Sandy Hill Drive - Single Family Home
Sandy Lane Bayside Block 510 Penguin Drive - Condominium
Schooner Bay 14203 B Sinepuxent Ave - Condominium
Seabay Vista II 117 76th Street - Condominium
Sunset Bay II 5405 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sunset Bay III 5405 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sunset Beach BB 4603 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sunset Island Condos BB 67th Street/ Sunset Island - Condominium
Sunset Island Townhomes BB 67th Street/ Sunset Island - Townhouse
Sunset Lagoon 109 123rd Street - Townhouse
Sunset South 155 Jamestown Road - Condominium
Tiburon Sand Down 14007 Sand Dune Road - Condominium
Twin Beach House 703 139th Street - Single Family Home
White Marlin A Bayside Block 300 Somerset Street - Condominium
Wright View 400 4th Street - Condominium
Yellow Bird 209 Trimper Avenue - Townhouse

Bayside Block, cont'd:

In Ocean City Maryland we have a wide variety of bay block properties in all different price ranges. There is a nice selection of bay block properties in and around Old Town Ocean City which is now part of a city government revitalization program. Of course Old Town Ocean City provides Boardwalk access to the beach, shopping, restaurants and a variety of activities. If you would like a property in a slower, quieter area of Ocean City you might try Caine Woods in north Ocean City. Caine Woods is about as close to a normal suburban neighborhood as Ocean City proper has. Of course there are all types of bay block properties between Old Town Ocean City and Caine Woods. Ocean City Maryland has a property for everyone.

April 21, 2019

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