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Sunrise over the Ocean City beach

Bayside on Water Condos
Ocean City, MD

Pictures of bayside on water
condominiums with
general information for
Vacation Rentals & Sales

Rainbow Condominium
Ex: Rainbow, 112th Street, Oceanfront

Ocean City, Maryland, Bayside on Water Condominiums - also referred to as Bayfront, Bay Front, Bayside Canal, Canal Front and Canal Condos.

In Ocean City there are basically four types of water front properties on the bay side: direct bay front, canal front, bay view and water (canal or lagoon) view. The sales price or rental value of a bay side water property depends of course on the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, unit size, condition, furniture, what floor, and [most importantly] how close the unit actually is to the water, access and what type of water view the property has. (Continued...)

Bahama Princess Condominium, 500 32nd Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Barbados Sun Condominium, 731 Mooring Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Bradley on the Bay Condominium, 3701 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842
Bridge Point I Condominium, 8908 Rusty Anchor Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Bridge Point II Condominium, 717-723 Bradley Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Caneel Cay Condominium, 709 94th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Captiva Bay Condominium, 104 85th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Chateau Phoenix Condominium, 722 Mooring Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Club Ocean Villa II Condominium, 106 Edward Taylor Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Crab Cove 32nd Condominium, Penguin Drive and 32nd St, Ocean City, MD 21842
Deer Point Condominium, 789 - 94th Street (on the point), Ocean City, MD 21842
Georgetown by the Sea Condominium, 745 Mooring Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Harbour Island Condominium, 13th Street and the Bay, Ocean City, MD 21842
Harbour Towne Condominium, 2205 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842
Hidden Harbor Kauai Condominium, NorthSide Park Area, Ocean City, MD 21842
Hidden Harbour Condominium, 123rd Street and Jamaica Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842
Maresol Condominium, 5501 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842
Nassau Village Condominium, 9305 Chesapeake Drive, Ocean City, MD 21842
Palm Bay Condominium, 419 Bayshore Drive, Ocean City, MD 21842
Pintail Point Condominium, 778 94th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Ponte Vista Condominium, 735 Bradley Road (off 94th St.), Ocean City, MD 21842
Rivendell Condominium, 121 81st Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Rusty Anchor Condominium, 719-721 Rusty Anchor Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Rusty Anchor East Condominium, 717 Rusty Anchor Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Sandy Lane Estates Condominium, 508-9-10 Penguin Drive, Ocean City, MD 21842
Sea Breeze Condominium, 606 Dory Road, Ocean City, MD 21842
Sunset Landing Condominium, 111 58th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Thunder Island Condominium, 107 Convention Center Drive, Ocean City, MD 21842
Tritons Trumpet Condominium, 7901 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

Note Please: The following Ocean City Bayside on the Water Vacation Properties (condominium units, townhouses and single-family homes) are being added to our directory lists but detailed information, descriptions and photographs are incomplete. Click the Individual Property Names below for location and address information. (For location descriptions, CLICK HERE.)
Ancient Mariner 777 Edgewater Avenue - Townhouse
Assateague House 210 Worcester Street - Condominium
Bahia Sunset 3601 N. Canal Street - Condominium
Bahia Vista I 1005 Edgewater Avenue - Condominium
Bay Princess 110 81st Street - Condominium
Blue Heron Ct 302 302 Blue Heron Court - Single Family Home
Blue Heron Ct 304 304 Blue Heron Court - Single Family Home
Captains Quarters 639 Bayshore Drive - Townhouse
Cori Noel 310 2nd Street - Condominium
Crab Cove on the Bay at 3rd 207 Bayview Lane - Condominium
Cruiseway 409 Edgewater Avenue - Condominium
Emerson Towers - 221 Wicomico Street - Condominium
Harbour Sails 169 Jamestown Road - Condominium
Heron Harbour Bayside Water 200 Edward Taylor Road - Condominium
Island At Hidden Harbour Bayside Water 205 125th Street - Condominium
Islander 410-c 14th Street - Townhouse
Marlin Dr House 1917 Marlin Drive - Single Family Home
Oasis On Bay 105 58th Street - Condominium
Playa Flamingo 8300 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Pointe On The Bay 2209 Philadelphia Avenue - Condominium
Pruitt On The Bay 110 63rd Street - Single Family Home
San Remo 5401 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sandy Lane 510 Penguin Drive - Condominium
Seabay Vista I 120 76th Street - Condominium
Shifting Sands House 10627 Shifting Sands Rd - Single Family Home
South Bay 501 Edgewater Avenue - Condominium
St Croix 3603 Canal Street - Condominium
Summer House 111 100th Street - Condominium
Sunset Bay 5405 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sunset Beach BW 4603 Coastal Highway - Condominium
Sunset Cove 703 Rusty Anchor Road - Townhouse
Sunset Island Condos BW 67th Street/ Sunset Island - Condominium
Sunset Island Homes BW 67th Street/ Sunset Island - Single Family Home
Sunset Pointe 105 63rd Street - Condominium
Sunset Villa 727 D South Surf Road - Townhouse
Terrapin Bay 115a 73rd Street - Condominium
Village West 501-1 Bayshore Drive - Townhouse
Walker House 13537 Madison Avenue - Single Family Home
White Marlin A Bayside Water 300 Somerset Street - Condominium
White Marlin B Bayside Water 205 Somerset Street - Condominium

Bayside on Water, cont'd:

Bay front properties are those units that actually have a direct, unobstructed view of the bay. Bay view properties might have some view obstruction when looking at the bay water or the bay view might be from the side of the unit. Canal front units are properties that are in a canal front building normally with water access for water craft. Water view properties are properties that have some type of water view; bay, canal or lagoon.

In Ocean City on the bay side the direct bay front properties generally bring the highest selling prices when compared to other like bay side water properties. The selling price for water properties usually slides downward from the direct bay front view to bay view to canal front/access and then water view. There are exceptions as in any housing area. Like the oceanfront and view properties the water view and water access on the bay side usually are considered heavily when determining the selling price or vacation rental rates for a property.

April 21, 2019

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